8 Surprising Facts about Kooikerhondje Dogs

Historic Roots 

Originating in the Netherlands, the Kooiker has a rich history. Bred for duck hunting, it's got the smarts and agility to match.  

Striking Looks 

Sporting a beautiful orange-red coat with distinct white markings, the Kooiker is truly a head-turner. Its feathery tail adds an extra touch of elegance to its appearance. 

Family Favorite 

Kooikers thrive in family settings. They adore kids and get along well with other pets. Your home will be filled with laughter and wagging tails! 

Training Triumphs 

With its sharp mind and willingness to learn, the Kooiker excels in training.  this pup is always up for the challenge. 

Outdoor Adventurer 

Got an adventurous spirit? So does the Kooiker! It loves outdoor activities and is a fantastic hiking or jogging companion.  

Social Media Star 

Kooikers have taken social media by storm! Their photogenic looks and charming antics make them instant hits on platforms like Instagram.  

The Perfect Companion 

Looking for a furry friend that's both intelligent and affectionate? The Kooiker's got you covered. With its eager-to-please nature, it's a match made in canine heaven! 


If you're seeking a loyal, intelligent, and downright adorable furry friend, look no further than the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje.  

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