10 Foxy Dog Breeds That Will Make You Want to How

Shiba Inu

This Japanese breed is known for its fox-like appearance, with its triangular ears, pointy snout, and reddish-brown coat.

Akita Inu

This larger Japanese breed is also known for its foxy features, with its thick double coat and bushy tail.

German Shepherd

 This popular breed has a similar build to a fox, with its long, narrow head and pointed ears.

Caucasian Shepherd

This large and powerful breed has a thick coat that makes it look like a miniature wolf.

Siberian Husky

 This working dog is known for its wolf-like appearance, with its blue eyes and thick, white coat.


This fluffy white dog is another breed that is often mistaken for a fox.


This wild dog is native to Asia and has a similar appearance to a red fox.


This African breed is known for its barkless bark and fox-like appearance.


This sighthound is from the Middle East and has a long, slender body that resembles a fox.

Jack Russell Terrier

This small terrier is known for its fox-like head and ears.

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